Become a profitable trader today.

Become a profitable trader without having to spend years learning how to trade.

What you get with our membership

Real-Time Buy & Sell Alerts

Our easy to follow trade alerts allow you to become profitable just by taking our provided stock & options alerts.

Trading View Indicator

We have created a buy and sell indicator from our $SPY options day trading strategy that will tell you where to enter, set your stop loss, and take profits.

LIVE Trading

We host live trading every day
Monday - Friday at 9:15 AM EST. Live trading helps our members understand what is going on in the markets, as well as allows for answers to any questions you may have right then and there.

Proven results with our Trading View indicator

A profitable strategy without the pains of learning one. View the full indicator here.

  • Built in strategy tester for proof of profitability
  • $SPY options mode
  • Calls/Puts
  • Recommended strike price
  • Stop loss
  • Take profit

Is this membership for you?

You don't have time to study and learn about the stock market

We make it easy for new traders to profit. Why waste thousands of hours studying when we have done it for you? Following our alerts and our Trading View indicator will keep you outperforming the markets at ease.

You don't want to look at charts all day long

No need to look at charts all day when we have alerts and our buy & sell indicator. Simply turn notifications on, follow our trades, and or follow the indicator to know exactly when to buy, sell, where to set your stop loss, and where to take profit.

You hold on to losing trades too long and don't hold on to winners long enough

We have all been there. Cutting winners too early and hoping for a rebound on those losers will definitely be reflected in your performance. Let us help you maximize your gains and minimize your losses with our proven to win trading strategies.

You don't know how much money to put into each trade

Our risk management calculators allow you to know exactly how much to put into each trade.

You don't have a lot of money to start

To make a lot of money trading you don't need a lot to start, as long as you have a good strategy. We provide you with everything you need to become a profitable trader without the painful process of learning to become one.

You want to be able to trade on your own and not rely on anyone else

With our Trading View indicator, all you have to do is set mobile/desktop alerts to tell you when to enter puts/calls, and alerts when to stop out or take profit. This is essentially a profitable strategy in your pocket.

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People often ask:

Becoming a scholar

Decided by the discretion of our team, if we see you going above and beyond and giving it your all with trading, we will personally take you under our wing.

  • FREE lifetime indicator access
  • We give and teach you our proven profitable trading strategies
  • Access to our entire custom trade layout
  • Access to our custom trade logging platform
  • Custom stock market scanners